Terms and Conditions


You must be 25+ years old to book.
The lessee ensures that any person who has access to the premises, at all time, complies with the law and behaves in a responsible and prudent way.
Booking or cancellation fees are detailed below:

Reservation deposit 50% due at the time of booking – the balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.
• Full payment must be made if the reservation is made less than 30 days before the arrival date.
• Cancellation 0 to 30 days before arrival = no refund.
• Cancellation 31 days + before arrival = 100% refund of the booking deposit.

Even if you do not go to the cottage, no refund will be given

• Check-In: 4 PM
• Check-Out: 11 AM

48hrs before the rental date, if this option is still possible, we can offer you the change of your hours for a fee of $50 + taxes. Arrival before 4 PM departure after 11 AM. This fee will be charged from your deposit.

Rates in CDN$. All rates are subject to applicable taxes:
Quebec Lodging Tax: 3.5% , GST: 5% , QST: 9.975% .

*For the Christmas holiday period full balance is due on November 15th. Failure to remit the balance will cause Renter to forfeit the deposit and the reservation will be cancelled.


The chalet may be rented for vacationing purposes only. NO PARTIES. The chalet rules apply to all members of your group. The lessee is responsible for the actions of any other person on the rental premises.
The lessee must immediately inform the lessor of any damage or breakage caused during the stay and is liable for material damage in or to the rented chalet during the rental period for any cause whatsoever, except damages resulting from construction defects, lack of maintenance or naturals disasters.
Furniture and objects for the lessee’s use must be handled with care and used only for the purposes for which they are intended. The lessee is liable for all damaged furniture or objects, for any damage caused to the rented premises including grounds and outdoor facilities.
The lessee may not transfer his/her rental right or sublet the unit.
Failure to adhere to one of these rules will lead to the immediate cancellation of the rental agreement.

Thank you for helping us keep the cottage and surroundings in good condition by following these rules:

Please lock all doors and windows. Turn off all lights.
Dishes and food: When leaving, start the dishwasher and do not leave dirty dishes on the counters. DO NOT LEAVE ANY FOOD on countertops, cabinets or the fridge.
Garbage and Recycling: When leaving, please place all garbage and recycling in large outdoor bins.
Neatness: When departing, leave the premises, cottage, land, furniture and accessories in the same condition as on arrival and at their original location. Place all towels in baths or on bathroom’s floor. A surcharge will be added if the landlord finds that the cleanliness of the cottage is deemed unsatisfied when the inspection visit after departure.

Do not throw anything into toilets, sinks, bathtubs that could clog the pipes, otherwise the costs of putting back into service will be entirely at the expense of the tenant.

IMPORTANT – Number of GUESTS on the reservation:

For insurance and safety purposes, the number of individuals in the rental property must not exceed the number authorized by Gestion de Chalets Tremblant.
It is forbidden to exceed the maximum capacity of people (10 adults) without the consent of the owners, under penalty of expulsion if not respected; $50 per night per additional person will be deducted from your security deposit.


The parents are entirely responsible for the security of their children. There are no lifeguards in place.

We provide you with two kayaks. Please treat them with care and secure them to the largest dock on lake, in front of the Club House, or their original place under deck, at cottage, with a padlock during your stay. Do not drag the kayaks on the ground, carry them. The day of your departure, the two kayaks must be returned to the cottage #37 and be properly secured with given padlock to their original place otherwise recovery costs will have to be applied.
5 life jackets of various sizes are available for your use. You can find them at the main entrance inside the cottage.
Please never leave paddles nor life jackets on the dock. Vests and paddles must be returned inside the chalet (at the entrance) upon departure.

BYLAW 0.01 – Non-Smoking:
Please take note that it is strictly forbidden to smoke (tobacco, electronic cigarette or other substances) inside the property. For those smoking outside, please pick up your butts.

In between each arrival and every departure an inventory and state of the unit shall be checked. You will be held responsible for all damages and/or disappearance of any object during your stay as well as the property of the unit and all other item that might be out of the normal. Please respect this home with the same respect of your own home.

Pets are ONLY ALLOWED PER REQUEST otherwise $100 fee per night per pet will be deducted from your security deposit; please contact us. If you leave your pet unattended inside the chalet we’ll ask you to keep it inside a cage. The cage must be placed only on a ceramic floor. Pets are not allowed on furniture. If your pet does go on furniture, please bring your own blankets to cover all the sofas. Please, always pick up after your dog, we are trying to keep our grounds clean and pleasant for our guests. Thank you for your understanding.

Make sure you are clean BEFORE entering the spa. Ex: make sure your feet are clean, avoid going in the spa with solar cream or other body products (ex: hair mousse, etc). These types of products can de-regulate the balance of chemical products in the water. IMPORTANT ALWAYS TAKE A SHOWER AFTER USING THE SPA, (chemical products) in order to avoid reactions. Keep the spa cover closed when the spa is not in use in order to maintain the temperature. Do not eat, smoke or bring glass containers (ex: beer bottle, wine glasses, etc) in the spa. Never shut down the spa (breaker). Never sit on the cover whether closed or open. Pregnant women should not enter the spa. The spa is NOT RECOMMENDED for your children. Children should be 6 years of age or older to go in the spa with a limited time of 10 minutes at a time. SPA MAINTENANCE: There is no maintenance to do, a specialist in spas cleans the spa and verifies the chemical products.

It is very IMPORTANT to note that each cottage is supplied by a well and septic tank, so the misuse can cause a lack of water during your stay and NO refund will be made (dishwasher – shower – toilet).

We supply some ecological logs. Please plan to bring firewood.

High speed unlimited.

Fireworks are NOT permitted at anytime during your stay. For security reasons and for the protection of everyone near you, the municipal by-law forbids fireworks or firecrackers. Verify on the municipal site, for the time of your stay, if exterior fires are permitted (https://www.municipalite.labelle.qc.ca/)
If this clause is not respected, some fees can be charged by Location Gestion de Chalets Tremblant as well as the Municipality.

Do not place ANYTHING on the pool table. Do not sit on the pool table. Do not write on the pool table. Do not lean the pool cues against the walls to avoid blue marks on the walls. Do not raise the pool cues so that they touch the ceiling. Children cannot play with toys on the pool table even without the pool cues. Do not EVER MOVE the pool table (repair, replace and re-level the pool table will cost a minimum of $450).

Your personal information will not be sold or offered to a third party for commercial purposes. Location Gestion de Chalets Tremblant is engaged to protect and secure all personal information.

By sending your booking request you agree to the House Rules and Cancellation Policy.